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Significant Teen Computer Use = Pain

May 2, 2013

Adolescents are probably on a computer more than any other age group. Depending on their individual situation, they use a computer for school, homework and recreation. But too much computer use can lead to computer-associated joint pain.

A recent study found that “compared with those using the computer less than 3.6 hours/week, computer use of ≥ 14 hours/week, was associated with moderate/severe increase in computer-associated musculoskeletal pain at all anatomic sites, and moderate/severe inconvenience to everyday life due to low back and head pain.”

At the very least, your doctor of chiropractic should be seen for every kind of musculoskeletal pain. This includes pain related to computer use. Whether it be related to sports, computer use or just growing up, teens should see their chiropractor regularly to insure healthy development.

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