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Statins & Side Effects

August 29, 2013

Statins (Lipitor, Crestor, etc.) are a class of drugs used primarily to lower high cholesterol. They are also prescribed to those with cardiovascular disease or those at risk. They are considered the best selling prescription drug class in the US. One statin, atorvastatin, is noted as the best-selling prescription drug in the world.

It is estimated that one in every four U.S. adults over age 45 is taking a statin drug. That’s a total of over 32 million Americans, the populations of Florida and Illinois combined.

As with every drug, statins have plenty of side effects. These include muscle pain, fatigue and weakness as well as rhabdomyolysis (a condition which damages skeletal muscle tissue).

A new study published just a few days ago has found that “musculoskeletal conditions, arthropathies (arthritis, etc.), injuries, and pain are more common among statin users than among similar nonusers. The full spectrum of statins’ musculoskeletal adverse events may not be fully explored, and further studies are warranted, especially in physically active individuals.”

If you take statins and are experiencing their side effects such as muscle pain, back pain, joint pain, etc. it may be time for you to talk with your local doctor of chiropractic. Don’t wait until it gets worse.

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