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Antibiotics Not First Choice

March 11, 2014

Another study has been published discouraging the use of antibiotics for sinusitis.

In this one researchers reviewed all of the relevant research over the last 10 years and found “sinusitis is one of the most common diagnoses in primary care, accounting for 20 million visits annually in the United States and 15% to 21% of annual antibiotic prescriptions. In randomized controlled trials, cure or improvement 7 to 15 days after beginning treatment was statistically significantly more common among patients assigned to antibiotics compared with placebo, but the differences were small, ranging from a 7% to 14% higher rate of improvement with antibiotics. The rate of complications and recurrence did not differ between those treated with antibiotics and placebo. Adverse effects, primarily diarrhea, were 80% more common in the antibiotic compared with the placebo groups. In addition to adverse effects, overuse of antibiotics can also harm population health by increasing rates of antibiotic resistance.”

“Antibiotics should not be prescribed for mild to moderate sinusitis within the first week of the illness. Avoiding antibiotics for acute sinusitis could reduce antibiotic adverse effects, antibiotic resistance, and the cost of health care.”

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One Response to “ Antibiotics Not First Choice ”

  1. teri green on March 26, 2014 at 5:55 pm

    Dr Petersen;

    You are so correct. My daughter gets sinusitis quite often. At first we would run to the doctor for antibiotics. After a couple of days, the sinusitis would improve. Last year after my daughter got sick we called to doctor’s office for an appointment. The doctor was on vacation and we could not get to see her. After some research, I bought a Neddy Pot. Needless to say, it made a huge difference for her. Now when she gets sick, we use the Pot and she is better in a day.

    teri green

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