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Oxygen for Cluster Headaches

For those who have never had one, a cluster headache can be excruciatingly painful. A recent study examined the use of “High-flow oxygen” for cluster headache sufferers at the onset of their symptoms. Patients who “inhaled oxygen at 100%, 12 L/min, delivered by face mask, for 15 minutes at the start of an attack” of their cluster headache were either pain free or experienced a substantial reduction in pain in 15 minutes or less.

Cluster headaches are usually treated with prescription drugs. The discovery of the effectiveness of oxygen for these headaches is another example that there are safe and effective alternatives to drugs, even in very severe cases. These findings should encourage patients and providers alike to seek non-drug solutions to their health challenges. Chiropractic care is an obvious beginning to being healthy and drug-free.

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  1. Dan Pomiecko on at

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  2. Carol on at

    A chiropractor clued me in about 5 years ago that dehydration can be a trigger for migraines. This was life changing news to me. Watching my water intake (yep, a drug-free solution) has almost completely eliminated my migraines which are something I’ve suffered with for years. Whenever I feel a headache coming on I reflect back on my water intake for the week and get to drinking! No kidding!

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  4. Robin Keoshi on at

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  7. 12L/m is a lot! The most I’ve seen administered in a chiropractic office is 6L/m Does anyone here have this much flow in their office? Do you use a concentrator or a tank?


  8. As I understand it, oxygen (through an O2 tank or an O2 concentrator) is considered a drug by the FDA.

    In Ohio, DCs are unable to provide oxygen through a concentrator due to the FDA ruling. (This crazy, because that oxygen isn’t even at 100%) yet it’s still considered a “drug”.

    Yet…there are “oxygen bars” (owned by unlicensed operators) where anyone can go in and breathe oxygen through an O2 concentrator. Go figure.

    Is something wrong with this picture?

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