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Outliving Our Children?

A recent study finds Americans getting fatter sooner than their parents. As we look at the years when people are born, we find each decade group reaching a level where 20% or more are obese at younger and younger ages:

It wasn’t until they reached 50-59 years old that 20% of those born between 1926-1935 were obese.

20% of those born between 1936-1945 were obese by the time they were 40-49 years old.

20% of those born between 1946-1955 were obese by the time they were 30-39 years old.

As well, 20% of those born between 1956-1965 were obese by the time they were 30-39 years old.

Unfortunately, 20% of those born between 1966-1975 were obese by the time they were 20-29 years old.

And not unexpectedly, 20% of those born between 1976-1985 were obese by the time they were 20-29 years old.

According to the authors, this “will likely have profound implications for future rates of type 2 diabetes, and mortality within the US population.”

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  1. Music started playing anytime I opened this internet web site, so annoying!


    Chiropractic’s formal training that includes pathology and nutrition, as good as it is, does not adequately prepare DCs to handle this growing Diabetes Type 2 epidemic: even less prepared are the MDs.

    The focus on Pathology (high blood glucose) is the main reason this epidemic has remained unchecked. When we look to recent research the evidence points to metabolic disturbances that have existed for decades that produce sub-acute chronic inflammation.

    Basically, and we have all heard this before, its because we lack exercise and eat too much refined carbohydrates. Oxidative and glycemic stresses sustain the sub-acute chronic inflammation that leads to insulin resistance and ultimately to Diabetes.

    Nutritional advise that successfully minimizes blood Insulin levels prevents fat storage and promotes fat catabolism, allowing the body to normalize its weight. Daily exercise habits that improve the BMR and this reduces oxidative stress and promotes lower Insulin demands.

    Societies that traditionally produce the lower blood Insulin levels experience longer life. They also suffer less Diabetes. Think Insulin management and not glucose management and the focus shift to diet and nutrition and away from drug interventions. Eat the right foods, exercise and stop taking drugs. That’s a formula for longevity if I ever heard one!

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