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Children and Spinal Pain

While most adults have experienced back or neck pain at some point in their lives, back and neck pain in children can go unnoticed or overlooked. Childhood spinal pain can often be viewed as “growing pains” when the underlying cause can be more debilitating.

A new study found the following prevalence for children ages 9, 13 and 15:

  • Age 9 – 33% had back pain, 4% had low-back pain, 20% had mid-back pain and 10% had neck pain;
  • Age 13 – 28% had back pain, 22% had low-back pain, 13% had mid-back pain and 7% had neck pain;
  • Age 15 – 48% had back pain, 36% had low-back pain, 35% had mid-back pain and 15% had neck pain.

These results show that back and neck pain prevalence can change with age. By age 15, all forms of spinal pain had increased in prevalence with almost half of 15 year-olds having back pain and one out of seven having neck pain.

The results demonstrate the importance of regular spinal examinations for children, especially for teenagers. Teenage spinal health can be particularly challenged due to growth spurts and more athletic activities. Doctors of chiropractic are well equipped to conduct these spinal examinations and provide drug-free conservative care.

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5 Responses to “ Children and Spinal Pain ”

  1. Dan on at

    I believe this is the link here

    and yes it does break it down to gender.

  2. Mark on at

    You write children, but I would like to know if the study talks about the difference between girls and boys. Also I would be interested to know if they found the symptoms to the pain.

  3. Lydia on at

    Yes, I would also like to see the source for the study. Could you please, share it?

  4. mark on at

    Are you able to provide the source reference for the spinal pain in children and teens please.

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