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Keep Your Brain Young with Exercise

There is a growing list of health benefits provided by routine exercise. Regular exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, several cancers (including breast cancer) and fibromyalgia. Exercise also lowers blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol, increases your heart health and increases your life expectancy.

In addition to the above, studies are demonstrating that exercise slows the effects of aging on your brain. A recent study notes that “a rapidly growing literature strongly suggests that exercise, specifically aerobic exercise, may attenuate cognitive impairment and reduce dementia risk.”

Science is showing us that the concept of the “couch potato” not only relates to our physical fitness, but to our mental fitness as well. The research clearly tells us that lack of exercise exposes us to all sorts to terribly diseases, including dementia, and ultimately an early death.

It may seem like a struggle, but exercise is key to a quality life.

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  2. gordon pugmire on at

    I am 69 years old. I work 65 to 85 hours every week. 9-12 hours a day are not uncommon, however, 9-11 hours of sleep every night is a regular part of my daily routine. I strongly believe in hard exercise every day and lots of protein in my diet. Beef or pork once a week with lots of raw vegetables. A quart size blend of fruit drink every morning and pushing myself hard every day is normal. My blood level is always low in sugar so it’s important that I monitor that constantly. I raised horses and cut timber for years and years, usually 14 to 18 hours a day 7 days a week. I am a professional meat cutter and an avid hunter. I live in Alaska and I absolutely refuse to give in to aches and pains or anything else. I’ve broke both hands, one leg, cut 3 fingers off and been kicked, stomped and thrown from probably 50 different horses and bulls. I’ve had full grown Brown Bears within spitting distance threaten to kill me and fallen down more mountain sides than I can remember. I have a terrible temper so fighting is not a good thing for me unless it’s to the death. Exercise is definetly a big part of my life. without it, I wouldn’t last a week. I also drink 2 to 3 fifths of Jack Daniel’s every week and my language is comparable to a boatload of drunken sailors, however, I still like good lookin women, little soft puppies, babies and kool country mornings. Thanks

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