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Antibiotics at Infancy Increases Risks of Asthma & Allergies, But Fish Helps

October 22, 2012

Studies have shown that the use of antibiotics during infancy can increase the risk of both asthma and allergies later in life.  A recent study confirmed those findings and revealed something parents can do to decrease the “wheeze” symptom that children with allergies and asthma experience.

Specifically, the researchers found that there was an “increased risk of recurrent wheeze and multiple-trigger wheeze at preschool age in children treated with antibiotics during the first week of life.” But they also found that “the early introduction of fish significantly reduced the risk of recurrent wheeze.”

These findings are interesting in that they show the body’s ability to use the nutrition found in natural foods to offset the sickness brought on by drugs. It would obviously be much more preferable to not introduce the antibiotics into the body of an infant in the first place. But the ability of fish to offset these related ailments points to the importance of everyone eating a more nutritious diet. These findings also reveal the importance of nutritional supplements in the maintenance of daily health.

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