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American Children Not Getting Enough Vitamin D

While there science is still learning about all of the benefits of Vitamin D, it  has been shown to have important health benefits including reducing the risk of serious diseases like Parkinson Disease, diabetes and various forms of cancer. But the current research does show that Vitamin D is clearly an important nutrient for children as well as adults.

The good news is that children can get a portion of their vitamin D just by spending time in the sun. Exposure to the “ultraviolet B” radiation found in sunlight causes the body to produce vitamin D3.

The bad news is that many American children are not spending the time outdoors they need to in order to enjoy this benefit. This is another example of the negative effect television and computer games are having on the health of our children. In addition, sunscreen reduces the amount of ultraviolet B radiation children are exposed to, thus reducing the vitamin D benefit.

Estimates from a recent study “suggest that most American children may not be going outside enough to meet their minimal (~ 600 IU/day) or optimal (≥ 1,200 IU/day) vitamin D requirements.”

It is important that children have regular time in the sun, particularly during colder months. Depending on where you live and your children’s schedule, that may not always be possible.

If you are concerned that your children aren’t getting the vitamin D you should talk to your doctor of chiropractic about vitamin D supplements. This can make a significant difference in their current health and as they get older.

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5 Responses to “ American Children Not Getting Enough Vitamin D ”

  1. Great blog. Cheers for showing us.

  2. […] bones and teeth. It also is involved in healthy brain and immune system function. There has been some evidence children are not getting enough of it. Sometimes called the ‘Sunshine’ vitamin, vitamin D is actually produced within our bodies when […]

  3. Lisa on at

    Who told the parents for the last 30 years to keep their children out of the sun? Who equated a tanned child with child abuse? Who said to slather little kids with nano-particles and chemicals strong enought to stop sunlight? Who said not to let children outside from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.? It wasn’t the parents who thought that up and it wasn’t ‘video games and tv’ that caused children to choose to stay indoors.

  4. Shelly on at

    My guess is that kids are outdoors more than what you are estimating, but because they are slathered in sunblock they are not absorbing UVB rays. There needs to be a more responsible message about chemical sunscreen. The public needs to know that being outdoors without sunscreen is safe. Wear sunscreen when there is a risk of burn, but other than that, get out and soak up some sun. Let’s start there. Take it from someone that was dangerously Vitamin D deficient due to sun avoidance. I brought my level up from an 11ng/ml to a very healthy 75ng/ml in a few months without supplements.

  5. CLS88 on at

    50 ng/ml, 25 OH D, is the natural amount in blood, year round and for life.

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