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Daily Aspirin Use Increases Risk of Vision Loss

November 1, 2012

Taking aspirin on a regular basis can increase the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, atrial fibrillation, erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular death. A new study found that regular aspirin consumption also increases the risk of early and late aging macula disorder.

From the Ophthalmology journal comes a study that shows an increase in the risk of aging macula disorder for increasingly severe levels of the disease. A person who takes aspirin daily has a 26% greater risk of aging macula disorder at the lowest grade (grade one) than those who don’t take daily aspirin. For grade two macula disorder, the risk increases to 42% greater. For wet late aging macular disorder, the risk increases to 222%.

While daily aspirin is being touted as a way to protect against a heart attack, there are side effects that may be potentially more serious. Every drug has side effects, aspirin is not exempt. Careful consideration should be given before taking any drug.

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