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Lower Your Risk of Stroke with New Protein Sources

December 11, 2012

A better diet could hold the key to better health. If you are still eating red meat at most of your meals, you may want to consider some healthy substitutions. By substituting other forms of protein, you can easily reduce your risk of stroke.

If you substitute one serving per day of red meat with one of the following protein-rich foods, here is how much you can lower your stroke risk:

Whole-Fat Dairy Products – 10%

Low-Fat Dairy Products – 11%

Fish – 17%

Nuts – 17%

Poultry – 27%


Substituting red meat with legumes or eggs did not provide a significant reduction in stroke risk.

Your diet is very important to your continued health. Spend some time to consider the total number of calories you intake and where those calories come from. You have lots of choices, some better than others.

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