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Erectile Dysfunction Conundrum

There is a growing list of causes of erectile dysfunction (ED), these include: aspirin, Advil, Motrin, and other products containing Ibuprofen, alcohol consumption, smoking, obesity and other risk factors for coronary artery disease. While many men seek popular drugs to address their ED, this may also contribute to the problem.

A new study found that the more drugs a man is taking, the higher his risk of ED:

0–2 drugs increases the risk by 15.9%

3–5 drugs increases the risk by 19.7%

6–9 drugs increases the risk by 25.5%

≥10 drugs increases the risk by 30.9%


Exercise, eating healthy foods and getting fit are safe, natural ways to reduce ED risk. As other research has already shown, if you make the necessary lifestyle modifications you will see statistically significant improvement in sexual function.

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  1. Very often, ED is a manifestation of Vertebral Subluxation. Erection is a primitive function and all human functions are orchestrated through the nerve system. Only Chiropractors are qualified to locate and correct Vertebral Subluxations. Who do you think your next call should be to?

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