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Soda = Stroke

April 9, 2013

While sodas have been popular for a long time, the data regarding their ill effects on our health is slow to emerge. A recent study discovered that just one soda a day increased the risk of stroke by 16%, regardless of whether it is sugar-sweetened or low calorie. Researchers noted that “greater consumption of sugar-sweetened and low-calorie sodas was associated with a significantly higher risk of stroke. This risk may be reduced by substituting alternative beverages for soda.”

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One Response to “ Soda = Stroke ”

  1. Shirley on April 26, 2013 at 9:00 am

    Soda is not good for us, though we find it refreshing to drink but still it can cause harm to us. The best thing to do is to totally avoid them, despite we can think of fruit smoothies and juices as our alternative though the natural ones, not those processed and with preservatives, water is still the best beverage we can drink.

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