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Concerns About Organic Brown Rice Syrup

October 29, 2013

Organic brown rice syrup (OBRS) is used as a sweetener in organic food products instead of high-fructose corn syrup. Unfortunately, rice and rice products are known to contain arsenic (As). This can be an issue in the case of infant products like rice cereal and rice milk.

A study of products containing organic brown rice syrup found that “An ‘organic’ toddler milk formula containing OBRS as the primary ingredient had As (arsenic) total concentrations up to six times the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency safe drinking water limit. Cereal bars and high-energy foods containing OBRS also had higher As concentrations than equivalent products that did not contain OBRS.”

While there are currently no U.S. regulations overseeing the safe limit of arsenic in food, parents are advised to examine the labels of baby-food products they may are considering purchasing. Larger amounts of rice and rice syrups will likely bring with them larger amounts of arsenic unless the labels state otherwise.

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