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More Carbs Increase Colon Cancer Risk

December 19, 2013

Eating a diet high in carbohydrates has been shown to increase the risk of various forms of cancer. A recent study noted that this is specifically true for colon cancer. Researchers noted that “increasing total carbohydrate intake was similarly associated with inferior (colon cancer) disease-free, recurrence-free, and overall survival.”

One of the effects that processed carbohydrates (white bread, rice, sugary breakfast cereals, sugary snacks and drinks, etc.) is that they convert quickly to sugar and place a high glycemic (sugar) load on the body.  The study concluded that “higher dietary glycemic load and total carbohydrate intake were statistically significant associated with an increased risk of recurrence and mortality (death) in stage III colon cancer patients.”

Eating healthy means reducing or eliminating high glycemic carbs and replacing them with vegetables, fruit and whole grains. They may not be as tasty, but the can save your life.

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