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Hospital Formulas Reduce Breast Feeding

There is little argument that breast feeding is best for both mother and infant. Breast feeding reduces the potential for infections, diarrhea and obesity in babies. It also provides significant health benefits to moms including the reduction of postpartum bleeding and a quicker return to pre-pregnancy weight. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breast feeding for the first six months of life.

Unfortunately, many hospitals offer formula to newborns even if the mother didn’t request it. A recent study found that this action may negatively impact the effort to exclusively breast feed. “Among women intending to exclusively breastfeed, in-hospital formula supplementation was associated with a nearly 2-fold greater risk of not fully breastfeeding days 30-60 and a nearly 3-fold risk of breastfeeding cessation by day 60.”

Mothers are reminded to provide strict instructions to hospital staff before they deliver and maintain a sincere determination to breast feed exclusively for the health of their baby and themselves.

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