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1 in 30 Die from Alcohol Related Cancer

August 19, 2014

More and more research is looking at the relationship between alcohol consumption and cancer. Even as little as 1 ½ drink s per day can significantly increase the risk of cancer. These cancers can shorten a person’s expected life-span by as much as 19 years.

A recent study found that:

“Alcohol consumption resulted in an estimated 18,200 to 21,300 cancer deaths, or 3.2% to 3.7% of all US cancer deaths. The majority of alcohol-attributable female cancer deaths were from breast cancer (56% to 66%), whereas upper airway and esophageal cancer deaths were more common among men (53% to 71%). Alcohol-attributable cancers resulted in 17.0 to 19.1 YPLL (years of potential life lost) for each death. Daily consumption of up to 20 grams of alcohol (≤ 1.5 drinks) accounted for 26% to 35% of alcohol-attributable cancer deaths.”

Read the Entire Study

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