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Athletes Need Their Vitamin D

September 18, 2014

A recent study of NCAA athletes found that “more than one third had abnormal (low) vitamin D levels.” The authors went on to note that:

  • Many studies indicate a significant prevalence of vitamin-D insufficiency across various populations.
  • Recent studies have demonstrated a direct relationship between serum (vitamin D) levels and muscle power, force, velocity, and optimal bone mass.
  • In fact, studies examining muscle biopsies from patients with low vitamin D levels have demonstrated atrophic (wasting away) changes in type II muscle fibers, which are crucial to most athletes.
  • Furthermore, insufficient (vitamin D) levels can result in secondary hyperparathyroidism (thyroid disorder), increased bone turnover, bone loss, and increased risk of low trauma fractures and muscle injuries.

Please insure that all of your athletes have sufficient amounts of vitamin D. See you doctor of chiropractic if you have any concerns.

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