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No Surgery for Chronic Low-Back Pain

October 9, 2014

A study published by The Spine Journal compared surgery to multidisciplinary care for sufferers of chronic low-back pain. The study compared the outcomes for patients who had spinal fusion with “nonoperative treatment (multidisciplinary cognitive-behavioral and exercise rehabilitation).”

The authors found that “after an average of 11 years follow-up, there was no difference in patient self-rated outcomes between fusion and multidisciplinary cognitive-behavioral and exercise rehabilitation for cLBP (chronic low-back pain). The results suggest that, given the increased risks of surgery and the lack of deterioration in nonoperative outcomes over time, the use of lumbar fusion in cLBP patients should not be favored in health care systems where multidisciplinary cognitive-behavioral and exercise rehabilitation programs are available.”

Talk to your doctor of chiropractic if you or someone you know is experiencing chronic low-back pain.

Read the Abstract

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One Response to “ No Surgery for Chronic Low-Back Pain ”

  1. Maryli Jacome on October 17, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    I don’t agree with this article . I lived for almost 3 years with horrible leg and lower back pan, I had many crisis a lot of wasted money, before surgery my life was impossible , a nightmare. A month ago , I had a lower back fusion surgery , I’m in recovery, improving my quality of life.

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