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Prevent Osteoporosis Better

An interesting study looked to “assess the diet for its effect on normal bone mineralization and qualitative analysis of dietary supplements used in the prevention of osteoporosis.” The authors found that “consumers have insufficient knowledge about lifestyle diseases, including osteoporosis.”

They conclude that “diet of large part of society is not properly balanced which can cause abnormalities in achieving proper bone mineralization. Long-term deficiencies in calcium and vitamin D in daily diet are the cause for taking dietary supplements. Unfortunately, some preparations on the market do not have adequate storage. It happens that these preparations are poorly absorbed and the amount of active compound is too low. Changes in the nutritional regimen are required already during childhood because nutritional mistakes are the main cause of diet-related diseases in adulthood.”

Talk to your doctor of chiropractic if you aren’t sure your children (or you) are taking the right supplements.

Read the Abstract

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