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Save Money on Health Care

A recent study compared the cost of health care for those suffering from metabolic syndrome (MetS) and those who weren’t. Metabolic syndrome is a combination of high blood pressure, high blood sugar and excess body fat, particularly around the middle. It increases your chances of stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

In addition, it costs you money.

The study found that “health care costs for employees with MetS who reported sufficient exercise (150 or more minutes/week) totaled $2770 compared with $3855 for nonsufficient exercisers. The percentage of employees with MetS who had absenteeism and presenteeism was also significantly lower for employees achieving sufficient physical activity.”

The solution to metabolic syndrome isn’t a new drug or surgery. It is good old fashioned aerobic exercise, 150 or more minutes/week. That works out to half an hour every weekday taking the weekends off.

It’s your body, your money, your life, and your decision. But the evidence is almost overwhelming… regular exercise keeps you healthy.

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