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Infant Antibiotics = Asthma

Three studies have demonstrated an association between antibiotics and childhood asthma. The first study found that “both prenatal (before birth) and post-natal exposure to antibiotics was associated with an increased risk of asthma.”

Building on this, the second study notes “antibiotic use in the first year life is associated with an increased risk of early-onset childhood asthma that began before 3 years of age. The apparent effect has a clear dose response (the more you take the greater the risk).”

Finally, a third study compared babies born in urban areas with those born in rural areas to see if there were any differences. Researchers found that “the prevalence of children with asthma in urban areas was higher than that in rural areas. The prevalence of asthma in male children was higher than in female children. Adding protein food supplement before 6 months, the use of antibiotics and non solid wood furniture material were the main risk factors in children with asthma in urban areas. Adding protein supplement before 6 months, the use of antibiotics, domesticated livestock, the use of coal as fuel and the family smoking before and after birth were the main risk factor of asthma in children in rural areas.”

Parents should be warned against any unnecessary use of antibiotics.

First Study Abstract

Second Study Abstract

Third Study Abstract

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