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Poor Eating on Weekends

A study of overweight adolescents aged 12-16 years looked at when they ate healthy and when they did not:

  • “Overweight adolescent girls were more likely to eat fruit on weekdays than weekends as were boys.
  • “Adolescents consumed more fruit at school than other meals.
  • “Weekday dinner was the meal where girls were most likely to consume vegetables and when boys consumed the most vegetables.
  • “Fast food consumption was most likely for girls at dinner on the weekend, whereas fast food intake for boys increased overall on the weekend.
  • “Intake of ‘other junk’ peaked during school hours for girls and sugar-sweetened beverage consumption increased for boys on the weekend.”

This study shows that overweight teenagers eat less fruits and vegetables and more junk food on the weekends. This is important for parents to understand as they can focus their efforts to provide healthy alternatives on those days.

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