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Drugs = Erectile Dysfunction

A recent study shows that “worsening degrees of ED (erectile dysfunction) are seen when a greater number of medications are taken, regardless if they are prescribed or over the counter.” The study results show that the more drugs men take, the higher the percentage of those with ED:

  • 0-2 drugs – 15.9% have ED
  • 3-5 drugs – 19.7% have ED
  • 6-9 drugs – 25.5% have ED
  • ≥ 10 drugs – 30.9% have ED

According to the study, those men taking more than 10 drugs were 2.32 times as likely to have ED. Researchers concluded that “these data suggest that the number of medications a man takes is associated with worse ED.”

All drugs have side effects. Most are still unknown.

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