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Teen Dating Violence

A new study surveyed high schools students across the U.S. to determine the frequency of Teen Dating Violence (TDV) both physical and sexual. In the past 12 months, twice as many women experienced TDV as men with the following breakdown:


Physical Violence Only – 6.6%

Sexual Violence Only – 8.0%

Both Physical & Sexual Violence – 6.4%


Physical Violence Only – 4.1%

Sexual Violence Only – 2.9%

Both Physical & Sexual Violence – 3.3%

Sadly, those who have experienced some form of TDV are more likely to: get in a physical fight, carry a weapon, use alcohol, binge drink, use marijuana and cocaine. In addition, “female students who experienced both forms of TDV were approximately twice as likely to attempt suicide, and male students who experienced both forms of TDV were roughly 3 times as likely to attempt suicide.”

“The prevalence of TDV also varied by race/ethnicity, with black and Hispanic students generally experiencing more TDV than white students, but did not vary by grade.”

Teen dating violence is a very serious issue. Not only does it represent a threat to the immediate health of our young people, it can also result in emotional scars that last a lifetime.

Talk to your teens about dating violence and make every effort to help them make safe choices.

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