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Chiropractic Safer than Medical for Seniors

An interesting study compared the risk of injury for seniors (age 66-99) who visited a doctor with neuromusculoskeletal complaints. The comparison was between cohorts (groups) that sought chiropractic care and those that sought medical care from a primary care physician.

The results showed that “the adjusted risk of injury in the chiropractic cohort was lower than that of the primary (medical) care cohort. The cumulative probability of injury in the chiropractic cohort was 40 injury incidents per 100,000 subjects compared with 153 incidents per 100,000 subjects in the primary care cohort.”

Chiropractic is clearly the safer first choice for seniors with spinal pain or other neuromusculoskeletal complaints. See your doctor of chiropractic before you see another provider.

Read the Abstract

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