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Too Many Drugs?

There is a trend in medicine know as polypharmacy, which is the use of multiple drugs (as many as five or more) to address a specific health issue. A recent study found that while this approach may help patients achieve specific test results, it may not be the best for the patient’s health:

“Clinicians focused on helping patients achieve test results recommended by national guidelines, and most reported combining 2 or more medications per condition to reach targets. Medication selection and management was the central focus of the consultations we observed. Polypharmacy was common among patients, with more than one-half taking 5 or more medications. Patient interviews indicated that heavy reliance on pharmaceuticals presents challenges to patient well-being, including financial costs and experiences of adverse health effects.”

Their findings prompted the researchers to make recommendations for “limiting the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on clinical practice, toward improving the well-being of patients with chronic illness.”

As stated before, every drug has adverse side effects. A multitude of drugs is the pharmaceutical version of Russian roulette, it is only a matter of time before one drug reacts adversely with another. Before you or a loved one takes any drug, ask for safe, non-drug alternatives first.

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