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More Harm than Good?

You go in to see your doctor who confirms your suspicion, you need care for some kind of ailment. It may be a drug, surgery or something else. In the course of your conversation, you hear how the care (also known as an “intervention”) will address your ailment and ultimately improve your health. You develop certain expectations based primarily on your conversation with your doctor.

But are your expectations accurate?

A new study has determined that there is a good chance they aren’t.

Researchers found that “the majority of participants (patients) overestimated intervention benefit and underestimated harm. Clinicians should discuss accurate and balanced information about intervention benefits and harms with patients, providing the opportunity to develop realistic expectations and make informed decisions.”

Next time you are told you need to take a drug, have surgery, etc. Be courageous enough to ask the hard questions. Get the truth about the potential benefits and potential harm. Make your own informed decisions.

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