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Drugs Increase Elderly Fall Risk

Along with other harmful side effects, many drugs can increase the risk of falling for elderly. Recently published, researchers note that “the results from this study indicate that GPs (general medical practitioners) need to be reminded that there is a connection between FRID (fall-risk-increasing drugs) use and falls among elderly patients of enough clinical relevance to remember to assess the patient’s drug list and perform regular drug reviews.”

Talk to your medical doctor if you (or a loved one) are elderly and at risk of falling. If you are taking any drugs, find out if these are increasing your risk of falling and ask if there are safer, non-drug alternatives.

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One Response to “ Drugs Increase Elderly Fall Risk ”

  1. Teri Green on at

    We use orthotics to help our elderly patients to prevent falling. The risk of falling is increased in our older patients. Their gait usually is shuffling and the fall risk is increased. Using a heat moldable orthotic we can dispense a custom orthotic arch support at a low cost. No need for casting.

    Teri Green
    Atlas Biomechanics

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