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Vitamin D for Asthma

Vitamin deficiency continues to appear as one of the underlying causes of seemingly unrelated ailments. This study compared the vitamin D levels of asthmatic patients with children without asthma (controls). The study found that “there was a significant decrease in the concentration of serum 25(OH) vitamin D in the asthmatic patients as compared with the controls. Out of total asthmatic subjects, 40 (20%) were vitamin D sufficient, 48 (24%) were insufficient, and 112 (56%) were deficient.” The authors concluded that “our findings suggest that vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency may be positively related to the prevalence of asthma in children.”

Lack of vitamin D may not be the only underlying cause of asthma. But maintaining a sufficient level of vitamin D is critical to health and preventing a large number of other ailments. Ask your doctor of chiropractic if your children are getting enough vitamin D.

Read the Entire Study

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