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Vitamin D to Avoid Broken Bones

A study examined 100 patients admitted for bone fractures with “a median age of 72 (range 22-98) of whom 66 were women. The majority of the patients were at best vitamin D insufficient, <75 nmol/L (77%), and 38% were vitamin D deficient (<50 nmol/L). Only 14 patients had a formal diagnosis of osteoporosis at presentation, with 63 patients claiming daily sun exposure in line with recommendations for vitamin D sufficiency.”

The authors note that “the prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency and deficiency is common in patients presenting with fractures in southeastern Australia and is not confined to elderly patients.” While getting the proper amount of sunlight is important in the development of vitamin D, sometimes it just isn’t enough. Ask your doctor of chiropractic if you are getting enough vitamin D.

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