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Forgetting in the Next Room

Ever walk from one room to another and forget why you went in there? If you have, you are just like everyone else. While you may think it happens to you because you are “getting old”, that’s just not the case.

A group of researchers tested both older adults and young people to measure the effect walking through a doorway has on their ability to remember. They found that “in general, both younger and older adults had memory disrupted after walking through a doorway. Importantly, the magnitude of this disruption was similar in the 2 age groups.”

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One Response to “ Forgetting in the Next Room ”

  1. Teri Green on at

    My mom is getting older and forgetful. It is sad to see her decline over the years. Her feet shuffling and uneven leg length have made it hard for her to walk. Yes, heel lifts do help.
    Thank you for this article about memory.

    Teri Green
    Atlas Biomechanics

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